Sabretooth 0355a508 featured News Sabretooth Was Considered For a 'Logan' Cameo, Says Hugh Jackman
Stephen moyer f5bfeb17 featured News Fox Casts ‘True Blood’ Alum Stephen Moyer for ‘X-Men’ TV Show

This guy is literally the male version of Rogue.

Black mask b05a408b featured News David Ayer Teases Black Skull for ‘Gotham City Sirens’

Because Jared Leto burned his bridges with DC, so obviously the Joker’s out.

Mr sinister 59492890 featured News Mr Sinister Will Appear in an 'X-Men' Movie, Says Simon Kinberg

Because what the X-Men movies really needs is another overblown Saturday morning cartoon villain.

Danny rand b5eabca9 featured News Iron Fist Is Not a White Savior, Claims Finn Jones

You can't be a White Savior if you never save anyone, apparently.

Harley quinn makeup 390c3c28 featured Opinions 'Suicide Squad' Oscar Win Proves That Hollywood is Broken

Proof that in the modern world, being loud and obnoxious is more effective than having actual talent.

Black adam the rock b6003a03 featured News Dwayne Johnson Explains Why Black Adam Was Actually A Hero All Along

Because shut up, you're wrong, that's why!

Uwe boll 9c454120 featured News 'Kong: Skull Island' Director Explains Why Video Game Movies Suck

While he's certainly to blame, the answer is not Uwe Boll

Rob zombie james gunn d5fed409 featured News Rob Zombie Records A Cameo For 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2'

Can he direct a low budget R-rated Marvel movie, please?

Nightwing wallpaper by whu dan d6y14i3 dd2e3f4c featured News WB Wants 'LEGO Batman' Director to Make Serious 'Nightwing' Movie

Well this just makes no sense

Batfleck bruce wayne ad529b82 featured News Matt Reeves U-Turns, Agrees to Direct 'The Batman'

May Zod have mercy on his soul.

Jason momoa aquaman 1eba8400 featured News Nicole Kidman Confirmed for 'Aquaman'

This means that Nicole Kidman and Jango Fett somehow created Jason Momoa... Figure that shit out!

Stormtrooper 999f6a93 featured News 'The Last Jedi' Shot Partially in IMAX, 'Episode IX' Has Begun Casting

Disney just wants all your money, and they don't care what they have to do to get it.

Deadpool 146b4ca0 featured News 'Deadpool 2' Script Writer Changes Are Untrue, Says Ryan Reynolds

If they're still working on the script, this movie's cutting it fine to make it release date.

Screen shot 2017 02 23 at 9 00 39 am 2ceaf8ee featured News 'Rogue One' Blu-ray and Digital HD Release Dates Announced

The first Star Wars Anthology film hits Digital HD on 3/24 and DVD & Blu-ray on 4/4

Blink 61e84d25 featured News 'X-Men' TV Show Recasts a 'Days of Future Past' Character, Because Continuity is for Chumps

They're just not even trying to be coherent anymore.

Simon kinberg 5fa42008 featured News Simon Kinberg is in Talks to Steal the 'X-Men' Director's Chair From Bryan Singer

Because what the franchise desperately needs is an overeager fanboy who's never directed a movie before.