Avengers infinity war ab25afb7 featured Fake News: 'Avengers: Infinity War' Isn't Gonna Cost a Billion Dollars

Christ on a cracker, people, consider your source!

Harley quinn makeup 390c3c28 featured 'Suicide Squad' Oscar Win Proves That Hollywood is Broken

Proof that in the modern world, being loud and obnoxious is more effective than having actual talent.

Hellboy1 7e93e100 featured Guillermo Del Toro Is Solely To Blame for the Death of Hellboy 3

Despite dragging fans along for nearly a decade, Guillermo Del Toro finally announces the death of Hellboy 3, butthe truth is, it's his fault the project never made it in...


Mel gibson 934987dc featured Mel Gibson and ‘Suicide Squad 2’: Why DC is Deliberately Making Controversial Decisions, And How It’ll Eventually Backfire

Nothing’s better for marketing than throwing a racist at people.

Header4 a42b072b featured Ben Affleck's Rumored Desire to Leave Batman Means it's Time to Pull the Plug on the DCEU

With rumors that Ben Affleck is altogether ready to leave the DCEU, is this a sign that another hard reboot is necessary for an overall franchise that feels dead on...

Angel s claddagh ring buffy the vampire slayer season 2 episode 13 surprise 79d5a709 featured Tell Her You Love Her In Every (Nerd) Language: Romantic Gifts For Every Fandom

Ugh Valentine's day a I right? You're always supposed to do the romantic gift thing, and it's so hard to buy for ladies. Unless they're geeks, of course, in which case I've...

Batfleck 3352b6a9 featured So, Is Ben Affleck Done Playing Batman or What is it?

Mark my words, if Affleck is out, they kill him off at the end of Justice League.

Chris evans punches david duke 783e8e11 featured Captain America Metaphorically Punches Neo-Nazi in the Face, on Twitter

Chris Evansacted like a real Captain America. On Twitter.

Make america comedy again 1bb37ce8 featured "Spoof Movie" Assholes Tackle 'Star Wars' to Make America Spoof Again

Welcome to Trump's America, where two failures can still get work, despite their track record#MakeAmericaSpoofAgain


H6sp0yng0dshflzyby8d 34b3052d featured Remembering Richard Hatch, and a Galactic Sacrifice

Actor Richard Hatch, of Battlestar Galactica fame, passed away this week, but he should be remembered best for a sacrifice that turned into a win.

Danny rand press conference da64ffd5 featured New 'Iron Fist' Trailer Analysis: Is Danny Rand Too Rich?

Surely the MCU has enough Tony Stark knockoffs already.

Zack snyder jpg ecbf217a web c4314846 featured Now There's a Petition to Let Zack Snyder Direct More DCEU Films

What the fuck, internet?

Batman zack snyder 0fd23083 featured Five Directors Who Would Make 'The Batman' An Amazing Piece of Art

From geniune contenders to wishful thinking, these guys all rock.

Ben affleck batman promo 9fbdd5df featured Five Actors Who Could Replace Ben Affleck as Batman

For the sake of something fun to do while we sit around and wait to die, let's speculate on actors who could take over the role today

Stranger things fan art 1c4f0afc featured A 'Stranger Things' 'Star Wars' Mash Up, And Other Great Fan-Art

Pierce Brosnan as Cable, Peter Dinklage as M.O.D.O.K., and The Phantom Menace reimagined as a movie you might want to watch!


Joker jared leto premiere interview 79be50df featured If WB is Serious About Fixing the DCEU, They Need to Dump Jared Leto

Sports teams fire the coach when everything goes horribly wrong... DC needs to fire their actors, starting with Leto.