Sugartits squad 9c04f0cd featured News Mel Gibson in Talks to Direct Suicide Squad Sequel, Presumably Titled 'Sugartits Squad'

Will Mel finally and conclusively prove that the Suicide Squad is responsible for all the wars in the world?

Screen shot 2017 02 16 at 9 44 56 am a56e73da featured News New 'Kong: Skull Island' Commercial and Confirmation of Post-Credits Stinger

Check out Sam Jackson and John Goodman squaring off in this new clip

Indiatva337e6 ridley scott 81cf0032 featured News Today in Yeah Right: Ridley Scott Waiting in Wings if No One Else Directs 'The Batman'

Here's Ridley Scott doing the Crocodile Dundee trick where he puts Christian Bale to sleep after a take

Common 780x520 51135c41 featured News Common Gets Uncommonly Candid About That Failed George Miller 'Justice League' Movie

Common reveals that the film was a lot further along than any of us realized and that there may be photos of him and his cast mates in costume out there somewhere.

Batfleck 3352b6a9 featured Opinions So, Is Ben Affleck Done Playing Batman or What is it?

Mark my words, if Affleck is out, they kill him off at the end of Justice League.

Lego batman movie villains 3aa9b1e6 featured News 'LEGO Batman' Director Dishes on Villains He Didn't Get to Put in the Film

Believe it or not, there were actually a number of villains that didn't appear inThe LEGO Batman Movie, and if you've seen the film, you're likely scratching your head over...

John wick 2 982a25b9 featured News Laurence Fishburne Weighs in on 'Batman v Superman' Backlash

Apropos of nothing, Keanu Reeves needs to play a werewolf. He has mastered the look of a man who just woke up after a night of rampaging as a wolf monster.

1140 michael douglas smile esp imgcache rev1455828587895 web 8a1b59ec featured News Cunnilingus-Related Cancer Survivor Michael Douglas to Return for 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'

We must never forget the dangers of cunnilingus, and thanks to Michael Douglas, we never will

Chris evans punches david duke 783e8e11 featured Opinions Captain America Metaphorically Punches Neo-Nazi in the Face, on Twitter

Chris Evansacted like a real Captain America. On Twitter.

Download 2f435b88 featured News Gangsta's Paradise Lost: Coolio Convinced He Was Going to Play Scarecrow in Scrapped 'Batman and Robin' Sequel

Get a glimpse into Coolio's world, where it's always 78 degrees and it's always 1999

Make america comedy again 1bb37ce8 featured Opinions "Spoof Movie" Assholes Tackle 'Star Wars' to Make America Spoof Again

Welcome to Trump's America, where two failures can still get work, despite their track record#MakeAmericaSpoofAgain

Pom klementieff mantis guardians galaxy 2 75ee5ea3 featured News News Site Exploits Pom Klementieff's Willingness to Talk About Guardians Vol. 2

Marvel has that shit on lockdown, though, don't you worry

Benicio del toro 46a77617 featured News Benicio Del Toro is in Atlanta, Therefore He Must Be in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

If you've been in a Marvel movie and find yourself in Atlanta these days, everyone's going to assume you're showing up in Avengers: Infinity War

X men supernova a009f3ee featured News 'X-Men: Supernova' News, Now With 90% More Oasis Jokes

What's funny is that this article was written by the American contributor to the site

Doctor strange c1b38c28 featured News 'Doctor Strange' Deleted Scene Rightfully Earns That Title

Hey, here's a scene that wasn't necessary

Justice league wonder woman aquaman cyborg f033c240 featured News 'Justice League' Makes Up for Lack of Super Bowl Trailer with New Still

Hooooooo doggy! Man, that is one amazing looking still image fromJustice League.