Sabretooth 0355a508 featured News Sabretooth Was Considered For a 'Logan' Cameo, Says Hugh Jackman

Despite many of us wishing to never be reminded of X-Men Origins: Wolverine again.

Ken leung amy acker 23c310b8 featured News Amy Acker Cast as Lead in 'X-Men' TV Show; Ken Leung Cast in 'Inhumans'

The casting war is the latest Fox/Marvel battlefield.

David harbour 5cef34dc featured News David Harbour Is Reportedly Being Considered For Cable in 'Deadpool 2'

But wait, isn't he in the DCEU? It's fantheory time!


Logan imax poster 1f137320 featured Reviews Movie Review 1: Logan

A Near Perfect Movie, With a Single Infuriating Flaw. All spoilers here are clearly signposted and deliberately vague.

Luke skywalker be7d8e0f featured News Mark Hamill Deserves an Oscar for 'The Last Jedi', Claims JJ Abrams

It's kind of strange to hear JJ Abrams say something that isn't a sly Mystery Box.

Inhumans vs x men 7c643290 featured News 'X-Men' and 'Inhumans' TV Shows Both Cast Key Cast Members

It's a good old fashioned TV ratings battle!

Trevante rhodes 4f466157 featured News Moonlight's Trevante Rhodes Fails To Deny Rumors That He's Been Cast as Green Lantern

Is this the face of John Stewart, or is Rhodes just messing with us?

Doctor doom toby kebbell 1e303199 featured News Toby Kebbell Would Return as Doctor Doom, But Only If He Could Fight Iron Man

Maybe Reed Richards and his arch nemesis need a little bit of time apart to rekindle the relationship.

Xenomorph a3078f0d featured News New 'Alien: Covenant' Trailer Is Half 'Alien', Half 'Prometheus'

What's worse? Retreading old ground, or brand new ridiculous nonsense?


Kurt russell guardians 202d10b5 featured News New 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2' Trailer Finally Reveals Star Lord's Dad

If you like this, wait until you see the actual movie.

Mel gibson face 4f2bb4ae featured News Mel Gibson Doesn’t Know What’s Going on With ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Who'd have thought this would prove to be a bad idea?

Stephen moyer f5bfeb17 featured News Fox Casts ‘True Blood’ Alum Stephen Moyer for ‘X-Men’ TV Show

This guy is literally the male version of Rogue.

Black mask b05a408b featured News David Ayer Teases Black Skull for ‘Gotham City Sirens’

Because Jared Leto burned his bridges with DC, so obviously the Joker’s out.

Mr sinister 59492890 featured News Mr Sinister Will Appear in an 'X-Men' Movie, Says Simon Kinberg

Because what the X-Men movies really needs is another overblown Saturday morning cartoon villain.

Danny rand b5eabca9 featured News Iron Fist Is Not a White Savior, Claims Finn Jones

You can't be a White Savior if you never save anyone, apparently.


Harley quinn makeup 390c3c28 featured Opinions 'Suicide Squad' Oscar Win Proves That Hollywood is Broken

Proof that in the modern world, being loud and obnoxious is more effective than having actual talent.