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Toby Kebbell Would Return as Doctor Doom, But Only If He Could Fight Iron Man

In case you were in any doubt, Toby Kebbell is not hugely impressed with how Fantastic Four went down.

It hardly takes Sherlock Holmes to assume that much without official confirmation.

In case you were smart enough to save your time and your money by not watching Fant4stic, let’s get you up to speed: Kebbell played a bizarro version of Doctor Doom who bears almost no resemblance to the comic book character whatsoever.

Doom is, it seems, a hard villain to get right.

It’s pretty safe to say that absolutely nobody’s ideal vision of Doom is a swaggering Julian McMahon with lightning powers, so in all fairness, Kebbell’s performance is merely a continuation of the tradition of butchering the character.

Luckily, Kebbell himself has a solution: the trick to getting Doctor Doom right? Put him in a movie without the Fantastic Four.

In a recent interview with HeyUGuys, Kebbell expressed his opinion that Doom would work better against Iron Man or the Hulk than against Reed Richards and his adorable family:

“Truth is, Doom is an incredible bad guy. They just keep trying to force him into the Fantastic Four. They just need to move it out because he smashes up Thor and Iron Man and they get wasted. Doom is a monster, but my Doom was not, so that is that.”

Of course, Kebbell then went on to incorrectly name Namor “Nemo”, before correcting himself by calling him “Aquaman”. Perhaps he doesn’t have the strongest comic book knowledge, but that doesn’t mean his opinion is any less valid. There have been great comic stories with Doom fighting the Avengers—just look at Secret War.

Of course, the real benefit to taking Doom away from the FF is giving them a chance to fight another villain from their own rogues gallery.

Personally, I have a deep desire to see Marvel’s First Family face off on the big screen against their oldest foe: Mole Man.

No, seriously. Sure, Mole Man is absolutely the worst, but his giant monsters? Awesome.

The problem with most Fantastic Four movies is that only one person on the team ever really seems to do anything at a time. There’s a lot of awkward standing around then they’re fighting Doom, so it makes sense to use a big underground monster – or, indeed, a wave of creatures that can be flamed, clobbered, and forcefielded to death.

This would make any Fantastic Four movie far more watchable, simply because it would provide a better opportunity for the team of heroes to use their various powers all at the same time, Avengers style.

Good luck convincing Fox to try that, though. They’re too busy churning out endless dull movies featuring the same old Doctor Doom.


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Matthew Loffhagen

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