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New 'Alien: Covenant' Trailer Is Half 'Alien', Half 'Prometheus'

Look out, guys, wheat!

The scariest of all grains!

It’s probably worth approaching Alien: Covenant with a modicum of restraint. As exciting as it may be to anticipate a lot of tense, claustrophobic space horror, it seems that exactly replicating the original movie is only part of what Ridley Scott is doing here.

While other trailers, and that weirdly sacrilegious Last Supper short in which James Franco is Jesus, all focus on making Covenant look as Alieny as possible, this new trailer makes sure that we’re fully aware that there’s a good chunk of Prometheus stupidity in here too.

It’s good to get a bit more plot understanding, and there is some excitement to be had from the trailer pointing out that everyone who’s going to die in this movie has a significant other to mourn them. Nothing’s more enjoyable than watching someone mourn for the loss of their life partner after a Xenomorph has made sweet, passionate tail love to their entrails.

But at the same time, there’s the wheat.

There’s the birdless trees, the creepy ancient ruins.

As it turns out, Ridley Scott still had some notes left in his folder labelled “Dumb Prometheus Ideas”, and there’s no way he’s going to waste them.

The marketing for this movie feels at odds with itself—it’s as if there are two completely different stories in this film, one of which is a JJ Abrams style Alien copycat flick, while the other is the latest chapter in Ridley Scott’s gradual descent into filmmaking mediocrity.

Also, there’s a Xenomorph on the windshield of a flying car. It’s a surprise that Danny McBride doesn’t try cleaning it off with the wipers.

It still feels a bit silly to see a monster in an Alien movie during daylight. There’s a reason the Xenomorphs mostly come out at night (mostly), and that’s because the creature design looks decidedly less scary the moment it’s fully visible.

At the same point, it’s not like we don’t all know what these creatures look like by this point. Besides, there’s that marketing team who desperately want to brand this movie as a straight Alien remake, and they’re eager to spoil the surprises of the film by showing off a classic monster in as many trailers and posters as possible.

Sure it’d be nice if there was still some surprise for audiences going into this, but at the same time, the Architects in Prometheus were a surprise, and look how well that turned out.

So don’t expect the world from this movie. Keep your expectations in check, and you’re more likely to be pleasantly surprised, than totally disappointed.

If that’s the message a movie trailer gives off, perhaps Fox needs to think about firing their marketing team.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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