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Moonlight's Trevante Rhodes Fails To Deny Rumors That He's Been Cast as Green Lantern

We’re all eager to see DC get the Green Lantern right.

The unfortunate challenge that comes with a character who can literally create anything he can imagine, is it requires screenwriters and directors to exhibit a modicum of original thought, which is something that Warner Bros actively discourages within their superhero movie universe.

It also doesn’t help that there are so many Green Lanterns, dotted around throughout DC comic book canon.

That’s to say nothing of the full spectrum of various power rings out there. Here’s hoping DC stays very far away from Zombie Power Ring Superman until things get a little more established within the DCEU.

So where do you go when casting for Green Lantern Corps, when you need a John Stewart that’s going to hopefully be more likable than Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan? True, that’s a low bar to set, but the bad taste that the previous Green Lantern movie means that DC really needs to knock things out of the park this time around.

Maybe, some have begun speculating, DC is eyeing up someone from Moonlight – nothing like critically acclaimed movie association to blast away any lingering memories of the previous Green Lantern film.

Mahershala Ali is an obvious no-go, though. He’s in Luke Cage, which means DC won’t touch him, for fear of drawing direct comparisons with the MCU.

Instead, why not give Trevante Rhodes a try? He’d certainly look the part as John Stewart—but if the actor has been approached by DC, he’s not letting anything slip out.


There’s a fun interview with Josh Horowitz from MTC at the Oscars in which the subject of the Green Lantern comes up. Throughout the entire interview, it seems like Rhodes would really rather be doing anything other than talking to Horowitz (which is far enough, he’s losing valuable schmoozing time with Hollywood bigwigs), but his stony resolve does appear to crack a little when he’s asked about Green Lantern.

That’s obviously not much to go on, and Rhodes’ face could be read any number of ways here. He might, for example, have just seen a tray of food go past—that’d certainly be enough to make me smile.

Whatever’s up, though, it’s worth assuming that we’ll be getting Green Lantern casting news before long.

After all, we first heard that Jason Momoa was Aquaman years ago, and his first solo movie still hasn’t started filming. DC’s got a lot of work ahead of them if they want Green Lantern Corps to have an equal chance to languish in development hell for half a decade.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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