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'Inhumans' Casts Ol' Tommy Triplecoat Up There as Black Bolt

Anson Mount—best known as the guy that gets you upset when you remember he's not the guy who played Potsie on Happy Days—has been officially announced as the actor who will be playing Black Bolt on Marvel's upcoming Inhumans series. According to Entertainment Weekly, Mount joins the already announced Iwan Rheon in the cast of the latest Marvel TV project that will have absolutely, positively zero connection with their Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

While I can't say much about Mount's talent as an actor because I've literally never laid eyes on him before this moment—or if I did, he obviously made zero impression—I can say that he's a shit dresser. Who wears a suede blazer on top of a puffy vest on top of a denim shirt? Jesus Christ man, you're taking on the role of a guy who can level city blocks with but a whisper, learn how to layer properly. 

Anyway, as much I love Ash from Vicious, this show is gonna be a disaster. Name me a Marvel television show, not currently on Netflix, that isn't an unwatchable mess. People will tell you that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got better, but I wasn't sold enough by those first five episodes to stick with it any longer. Agent Carter was supposedly great. I wouldn't know because, like everyone else in the world, I didn't watch it. Maybe this will be good. It won't, but maybe it will. 

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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