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David Harbour Is Reportedly Being Considered For Cable in 'Deadpool 2'

Depending on when you saw Suicide Squad, you might have had a different reaction to its first twenty minutes.

If you saw the movie when it first hit theaters, you’d likely have thought there was nothing at all noteworthy about the group of white guys in suits that Amanda Waller convinces to agree to Task Force X.

If you saw the movie for the first time in the comfort of your own home, or if you rewatched it when it made its way to Blu-Ray and download, your entire viewing experience was distracted by one thought.

That’s Chief Hopper! What’s Hopper doing in this movie?

Does Suicide Squad take place within the Stranger Things universe? It kind of makes sense. Maybe Hopper is working undercover as some kind of government stooge in order to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Upside Down?

This preposterous fan theory holds up except for one key thing: Hopper somehow hasn’t aged between 1983 and the present day.

If only there was another thread from a different franchise that we could weave into this tapestry of nonsense, in order to make Suicide Squad more watchable. If only we could justifiably claim that Hopper is also secretly a time travelling mutant.

If only.

In unrelated news, David Harbour, who plays both Chief Hopper and “Dexter Tolliver” in Suicide Squad, is rumored to be in the running to play Cable in Deadpool 2.

Now, this is hardly a certainty. We all know that casting rumors generally have very little actual currency when it comes to movies like this.

Heck, until today, everyone was pretty much convinced that Cable was going to be played by Pierce Brosnan, although in retrospect it seems a bit foolish to base that assumption solely on a couple of social media posts from Ryan Reynolds, and a large Australian guy who isn’t even going to be in Deadpool 2.

But this just works so perfectly for a combined headcanon connecting these movies, that it’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities.

After all, let’s face it, wild fan speculation and stupid fan theories are basically the only way to get any enjoyment out of Suicide Squad. If we can’t pretend that the movie is set both in the Deadpool and Stranger Things canon, what’s the point of watching it?

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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