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Our First "Official" Look at Spider-Man: Homecoming's Take on Shocker

Let's all come together and admit that our garbage culture in this country has rendered it so that merely mentioning the name of a classic Spider-Man supervillain can reduce a room full of people to laughter. That supervillain? The Shocker. Stop it! Stop that right this instant!

Seriously though, the people behind Spider-Man: Homecoming decided at some point in time that The Shocker was the villain for this 2017 film, and that Bokeem Woodbine would be playing him. Now Toy Fair has given us our first official look at the villain in action and it's every bit as stupid as we all thought it was going to be...

Photo credit: Eric Cameron Films

Hey, would you look at that? Pretty stupid. I get that there's this homemade aesthetic to all of the heroes and villains in SMH, but a homemade Shocker is twice as ridiculous as a comic accurate version. I have to be honest, if there's a film on Marvel's calendar in 2017 I'm most worried about, it's this one. I think it's just too much Spidey too soon. This movie should have come after Infinity War. Way after. It's only been three years since god damned Amazing Spider-Man 2, we need time to get to love the character again.

Civil War was a terrific reintroduction, and I fear that all that goodwill toward the character is going to go right out the window if we get our fourth mediocre to outright awful Spider-Man movie in a decade. I know Marvel knows what they're doing, but if this goes poorly, it could spell doom for the character on screen. 

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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