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'LEGO Batman' Song Makes 'Batman v Superman' Seem Self Aware


Can you even imagine, just for a moment, if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had had an ounce of self awareness in its two and half hour running time? Man, what fun it would have been to have a moment of two of levity in between all the brooding and punching and murdering. Well, this new fan video shows us exactly what it would have been like for Batfleck to have some fun and let loose like his LEGO counterpart. 

YouTuber Cristian Ortiz uploaded this video to his account, which takes the warehouse fight scene from BvS and sets it to the song "Who's the (Bat)Man?" from The LEGO Batman Movie. Again, it'll make you wish that the people behind the LEGO DC Universe were also behind the DCEU. I'm not saying that all of DC's movies need to be as self-referential and willing to make fun of itself as TLBM was, but it honestly wouldn't hurt. We've seen what it's like to wallow in misery for the better part of three hours, imagine what it would be like if these characters actually had a sense of humor. 

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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