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'Kong: Skull Island' Director Explains Why Video Game Movies Suck

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the latest guy to go from directing small independent genre films to helming a big budget behemoth, and he's got a bit of perspective on the movie making process that's fairly insightful. In a new interview with /Film, Vogt-Roberts was speaking about his next directing job—ushering Metal Gear Solid to the screen—and was asked why video game movies are so terrible. His answer could have been as simple as, "Well because cinematic criminal Uwe Boll directs most of them," but he's got an interesting theory...

I think that most filmmakers who have tried to adapt them…you know, much like there was not a good comic book movie for a long time.  And then it took directors who had grown up with comic book influences like Sam Raimi [who] legitimately loved Spider-Man.  Right?  So it took guys who grew up with comic book influences and were good filmmakers to tackle that.  I think that like you’ve got guys like [Dan] Trachtenberg and a handful of people like me now who are growing up having our brains rewired by Zelda and Metroid, ’cause there’s a logic to videogames.  Right?  There’s a language to them.  And I don’t think that there’s been a wave of directors who have come up who are filmmakers who were rewired like that.

In case you don't know what this guy looks like, here's a picture of him...

Didn't it match the image you had in your head almost precisely?

Anyways, I think he's right. In order to help develop that cinematic language, it's gonna take directors who were raised on video games to set the tone. I think it can happen, but films need to be smart about it because there's no movie in the world that's going to condense a 10 hour-plus gaming experience appropriately. When directors begin using video game techniques to tell original stories set in the world of the games, then we might be on to something. It sounds, for the moment at least, like we're heading in that direction. Fingers crossed. 

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