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James Cameron Easily Impressed, Heaps Praise on Zack Snyder

The money makingest director of all time, James Cameron—seen above trying to secure permission to take a shit on the set of Avatar 2—is already ramping up the hype machine for his upcoming trilogy of sequels to Avatar. In a move out of no one's playbook, the notoriously prickly director showed up in this video—that looks like a segment on a Mormon morning chat show—to talk about his influences...


In addition to name dropping Lean, Hitchcock, and Kubrick, Cameron heaps a ton of praise on Ridley Scott's visual style without actually saying anything about their overall quality. He then gives Robert Rodriguez and Zack Snyder the most backhanded compliment I've heard in some time, praising their early work and not outright condemning anything that's come since, but he's certainly not bringing it up. Then he name drops again with Deadpool director Tim Miller.

You've gotta wonder what the fuck he's even talking about in this. Cameron has a way of steering all ships back to him. He's a lot like Donald Trump in that way. Sure, what everyone else is doing is great to look at, or it used to be really good, but I'm the real deal. I'm the only innovator in the game right now, says the guy about to make a trilogy of sequels to a movie that most everyone is now completely indifferent toward. Let the innovating begin!

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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