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Fox Casts ‘True Blood’ Alum Stephen Moyer for ‘X-Men’ TV Show

Considering how tight-lipped Fox is being about their future X-Men movies, the studio seems to be very keen to publicize progress that’s been made on the upcoming new television show set in the same universe.

It’s almost as if, having tried and failed to beat Marvel at their own game with a series of showy, CGI laden blockbusters, someone at the studio decided that this wasn’t working and that they should be copying DC’s Flarrowverse instead.

Further backing up the possibility that Fox is grasping at straws in an attempt to figure out how to make their increasingly dated comic book franchise work, is the casting of Stephen Moyer as a key character in the upcoming show.

He’ll be playing Reed, some kind of high-flying lawyer, and the father of the show’s protagonist. Presumably there are plans of all kinds of typical family drama plots, with Reed never having time for his family because all of the intense lawyering he has to do. You know, standard stuff. The twist, though, is that the whole family are on the run from anti-mutant mobs, which no doubt makes lawyering all the more challenging.

Hilarity ensues.

So how does this tie into Fox’s increasingly desperate attempts to make the X-Men franchise relevant again?

Well, there’s already at least one connection between X-Men and True Blood – Anna Paquin, who plays Rogue in a bunch of movies and some fun Days of Future Past deleted scenes, was Moyer’s costar in the show.

It does seem a little like the executives at Fox wanted to nab someone who feels distinctly oldschool X-Men without actually having to rehire any of the old cast members.

So how do you get Rogue in the show without having Rogue? How about you just hire the guy who’d been more intimate with Anna Paquin than anyone else, both on and off screen?

Oh yeah, by the way – Stephen Moyer is literally married to Anna Paquin in real life.

Suddenly this entire thing feels a lot more incestuous. Fox has literally cast the male Rogue in their new television show, in a desperate attempt to subtly prime audiences to associate the new series with classic X-Men movies.

Or, perhaps this is a sneaky move on Fox’s part.

Maybe they wanted Paquin to appear in a starring role in the show, but she turned them down.

So they hired her husband, assuming that she’d then have to visit the set every now and then, in instances where Hubby forgets his lunch.

And once you’re in the building, Anna, you might as well hop up onto that set and do some acting. You’re already here, after all.

One can only hope they’ll try something similar with Hugh Jackman by just getting Sir Ian McKellen to pester him until he does a sequel to Logan.

Oh wait, they’ve tried that already.

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Matthew Loffhagen

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