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Even More Exciting 'Kong: Skull Island' Commercial, With Actual Monsters This Time!

Yesterday we brought you a pretty sweet scene from Kong: Skull Island, but admittedly it was just John Goodman and Sam Jackson jawing at each other. You guys came here to party, right? Cool. Well, I've got a sweet new commercial for the film with Kong battling something called a "Skull Crawler," and while I was at half mast after yesterday's commercial, this one's got me primed and ready for action. Sorry to put that image in your head. Here, wash it away with this awesome clip of giant monsters fighting...


Pretty cool, right? The Skull Crawler looks better in the movie than it does in toy form, that's for sure. Plus John C. Reilly's right in the thick of things with that awesome beard that probably allows him to go to hip microbreweries without paying a cover. Anyway, this looks like one to see in IMAX, and after seeing that sweet IMAX poster, I can say only one last thing...

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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