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BATTLE: Which Halloween Costume Is Going To Be The Most Overused This Year?

BRANDY: I'm a giant Halloweenie. Halloween combines all of my favorite things—horror, cosplay, candy, and autumn- into one big, wonderful night! As a cosplayer, Halloween is the night I go all out on my costume—my costume builds for Halloween are usually better than my convention builds. I try to avoid the most popular costumes every year, so Steve and I are going to predict which costumes are going to be the most overused so you, too, can avoid them (or utilize them if you want to rob a bank and want to be anonymous.)


The first pick is going to be pretty obvious..

Harley Quinn


BRANDY: I will never understand why this character is so popular. It mystifies me. I've had a big problem with Harley Quinn for years—she's the only white character I won't cosplay because she's a caricature of an abused woman with Stockholm syndrome. Oh, AND she killed a whole bunch of kids once. But despite the fact that I don't get it, she resonates with a lot of women.  I don't know what that says about our society and frankly I don't want to think about it, but even Hot Topic sells HQ merch and costumes from the Suicide Squad film. I counted all the Harleys I saw at Fan Expo this year, and over the three days I was there, I saw fifty six Harley cosplays, most of them from the film. I predict this will be the most popular costume this year for women (and dudes who think it's funny to dress up as girls on Halloween), hands down. This is going to be the Pumpkin Spice Latte equivalent of Halloween costumes this year—ubiquitous, inexplicably popular, and basic. It hits all the Halloween bases:

-slightly nerdy, but accessible enough to people who aren't really into comics because of Suicide Squad
-easy to purchase (like I said, Hot Topic)

Steve? I took the easiest one here. Your turn.




STEVE: The worst thing about the success of Deadpool is that it's given license to every guy who thinks he's funny to attempt to emulate the character's pottymouthed antics. Multiply this phenomenon by Halloween and you've got what's likely going to be the most groan-inducing trend around. I can't imagine having to spend an entire evening with some asshole trying to do meta commentary on the festivities of Halloween. Just shut the fuck up asshole, we get it, you saw a movie, congratulations. If someone can figure out a way to create a Deadpool costume with some little yellow boxes following him around, that might be mildly clever, but I guarantee that most of the guys dressing this way have only seen the movie. These are also the same guys that did "The Hangover" gang for three years running. Just avoid these assholes at all costs. 

Back to you, Brandy. What other costume is going to be popular amongst people you want to punch in the face? 

BRANDY: I think the only other character that's going to be overdone by people I want to punch in the face is either "zombie (insert celeb who died this year)" or "Donald Trump", and neither of those are nerdy and talking about either of them is going to aggravate me to the point where I'm spitting almost nonsensical vitriol into my keyboard, so in the interest of keeping this piece light and keeping my swears to a minimum, I'm going to go with a costume that's NOT going to make me want to punch someone in the face...


Eleven (Stranger Things)


BRANDY: I saw six Elevens at Fan Expo, and they were CONSTANTLY getting swarmed with people wanting to take their photos. It's an easy costume to do, you can either shave your head or wear a pretty blonde wig, and it's from a FANTASTIC series. I'm almost through Stranger Things (I have to watch it in spurts because it's so freaking intense), and I see why it was such a breakout hit for Netflix—it's some of the best TV I've seen in a long time. Eleven—the superpowered little girl—is badass, weird, spooky, and awesome, and her costume is distinctive enough that anyone who's seen the series (re: almost everyone with good taste), is going to immediately recognize the costume and give the costumer all the high fives. The series crosses the sci fi/horror genre lines, so I expect we'll see at least a baker's dozen of Elevens.  (See what I did there?)

Steve, think any other tv shows will spawn popular costumes?

STEVE: Oh, for sure. How about...


Jesse and/or Walter (Breaking Bad)


STEVE: I fucking loved Breaking Bad. Adored it. I think it's one of the greatest television shows in history... but it ended three years ago for Christ's sake. Just because you've still got that hazmat suit and an affinity for calling people "bitch," doesn't mean you should do this costume AGAIN. We get it, bro. Breaking Bad is probably the first time that your interests crossed over into high art, but give it a rest. None of us enjoy it, and we know, your girlfriend is going with all of her friends as Orphan Black or Orange is the New Black or whatever, but spring for something new. This one's done. 

Alright, Brandy. Besides Pokemon GO, what other 2016 pop culture phenomenon lends itself to an already played out Halloween costume idea?

BRANDY: Played out?  Oh, you know, just...




BRANDY: Ugh, that fucking gorilla. Yes, it's tragic that a child fell into a gorilla enclosure and the gorilla had to be shot. But did it really need to spawn all the memes? Dear god. We all have that one friend on Facebook whose wall has just been Harambe memes and that stupid Dicks Out song for months. A university near my house did a fucking Harambe memorial last month and Facebook Live'd it. I just don't get the Harambe craze, but I anticipate I'll see tons of people in gorilla suits this October, possibly with dildos attached to their pants (because "dicks out IS SO FUNNY YOU GUYS).

P.S. Jerkwads: Harambe is not your Patronus. JK Rowling said so.

Any costumes you think will be popular that you just don't understand, Steve?

STEVE: Oh dear lord, yes...


Ryan Lochte


STEVE: In the words of R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket, "I didn't know they stacked shit that high." The sheer number of things this sack of shit did this year guarantee he'll be well represented by frat bros that likely think they're somehow better than him. Whether you want to get a bunch of friends to dress up as Brazilian police, or maybe have a friend dress as the sign he vandalized, or whatever it is that you think would make this costume anything other than an incredible annoyance to everyone around you, just put it away. Take those thoughts, put them in a box, put that box in a drawer, and fucking forget about it because it's not funny and it's not fun. 

I already hate anyone thinking of dressing like this asshole. Alright Brandy, anything else just infuriating you about 2016 and its potential to be turned into a Halloween costume?

BRANDY: Since this one happened just recently, it's topical enough- and assholes think it's funny enough- to be a hit this year:


Kim Kardashian and Robber


BRANDY: Often, the biggest news stories will make for costume fodder, and there's a certain type of person (re: douchebag) who takes pleasure in other people's pain. I'm not a fan of the Kardashians, or of Kanye West—but you know what else I'm not a fan of? Being robbed at gunpoint. What happened to Kim is terrifying, and it could have been worse—imagine if her kids were there. The abject dehumanization this woman has been faced with as people take glee in her robbery is absolutely disgusting. However, it's not surprising. There are a lot of people who are assholes—and you'll be able to spot them by the Kim K robbery couples' costume—the clown-like over contouring, grotesquely padded bottoms, and the accompanying police officer with gun pointed at her head. I wish I could say I hadn't already seen someone posting that this would be their costume, but I have, because people are awful. Steve?


Two Words... Juice Demon


STEVE: Man, I remember seeing Juice Demon in the theater when I was a kid, and we all know that nostalgia is king these days, so I think a lot of Juice Demon fans are gonna hit the streets this October 31. Although...


...There might be a surge in sales of A Ticktock Orange Juice, another movie I saw as a kid. Man, I'll never forget that tagline... "For that Fresh Squeezed Flava!" I remember that became my catchphrase in the sixth grade. Brandy? Dare I say it... Checkmate!

BRANDY: That's it. I fold. You win. This cosplayer is just getting too depressed to continue this battle. Plus, I have some armor to build, and those faun legs aren't going to form themselves.  Brandy out.

Brandy dawley

Brandy Dawley

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